Engine Diagnostics

If your car warning light illuminates on the dashboard or an error message or code appears, a car diagnostics check or fault code check will identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Most vehicles nowadays contain a network of on-board computers known as Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which continually monitor the performance of the vehicle and can self-diagnose faults. Sensors all around the vehicle report back to the ECU if there are problems such as low fluid levels or increased engine temperature. When an issue is identified the ECU generates an error code. The relevant dashboard warning lights will then be displayed. These codes can be meaningless without the proper diagnostic code reader so we use an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanner to read the codes and find out more specific information about the nature of the problem. 

There are hundreds of potential OBD error codes that can only be read by specialist on-board diagnostic fault code readers. While a warning light may display on the dashboard alerting you to an issue, a diagnostics fault code check is required to start to understand the issue and determine if a more in-depth diagnostic session with a specialist technician is required.

We have the equipment and expertise to tell you what is wrong with your car or van and to offer a cost effective solution.

Diagnostic health check

A health check includes many different checks depending on the vehicle including:

  • ECM (Engine Control Module)
  • TCM (Transmission Control Module)
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
  • BCM (Body Control Module)
  • IMM (Immobiliser)
  • TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
  • SAS (Steering Angle System)
  • Lighting and Comfort Control System
  • Emissions Levels
Engine diagnostics
Examples of dashboard warning symbols